What Men Can Help Prevent

This section focuses on preventable diseases and other conditions that may affect a man’s health. This includes both mental and physical aspects, as well as cultural influences.

The first chapter details the biological and social reasons as to why men are more likely to get into automobile accidents. By offering a holistic view of this topic, the reader can understand all of the factors that affect accidents and how to prevent them.

This holistic view on health is also offered in the Domestic Violence and Suicide chapters, which are more common among men. Both chapters focus on mental health and why men and women can differ greatly due to genetics. It is also very important to know how to address these situations when they occur. Therefore, each chapter provides resources and information on how one can support those facing these problems.

The last two chapters discuss COVID-19 and HIV, two viruses that can affect the immune system. It is very important to know why men are more at risk for these two diseases and how they can reduce their risk of serious illness.


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